Some of the weavings that have come out of the Crosstown Shuttlers monthly challenges.

Challenge: "By the Sea"
Result: Waves on Blue Beach on Vieques by Darby Downey. 10" x 14" inch Boundweave wall hanging. Linen warp and wool weft.


Crosstown Shuttlers was started in 2002 by weavers Darby Downey and Terry Henley as a way to collaborate with weaving ideas and challenge each other both technically and creatively. Living across town from each other Darby and Terry gave themselves the name Crosstown Shuttlers, since that is who they are! Both Darby and Terry are also inspired by the city and its textures.

Meeting on a monthly basis, after having done a weaving challenge for that period, they would share their work with each other and discuss how they realized it and produced it. Some of the challenges in the past have been "Weave a Cliche", "Paint the Town Red", "All Natural" and "Think Small" to name a few. Each weaver would spend a month coming up with an idea and weaving something to express that idea.

Gradually other weavers have been invited to join the challenge group, and over the years have shared in the process and support this group gives.

Many of Terry and Darby's weavings have come from these challenges, but they also have created a wide repertoire of work through the years. They are also available for teaching and outreach programs as well as commissioned work. You can find out more about Darby Downy and Terry Henley on their individual pages, as well as in the Outreach section.